About SleepGraph.Com

SleepGraph.Com is a sleep journal website with a focus on circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

SleepGraph.Com, most importantly, allows those with N24 the ability to create the very important "N24 Graph", which is vital to those who have N24. See this real users N24 graph for how it looks.

SleepGraph.Com is a great tool and resource for those with ASPD, DSPD, ISWR, N24, and even those who do not have circadian rhythm sleep disorders yet simply want to keep track of their sleep / wake patterns.

SleepGraph.Com helps you keep track of when you go to sleep and when you wake it - plus other important sleep related stuff like body temperature, weight, glucose, blood pressure, medication and even light treatment.

SleepGraph.Com is web based only - we do not have iphone/android apps, because our website basically is a mobile app - it is 100% designed to be used on mobile devices like phones and tablets that you probably already have sitting next to your bed.

SleepGraph.Com is a logging only service - we do not provide medical devices (polysomnogram, actigraphy, etc) or mobile equipment that automatically tracks when you go to sleep and when you wake up. It does require you to press a "sleep" button before going to bed and a "awake" button right after walking up. You can, of course, add/edit sleep/wake records at anytime.

SleepGraph.Com is not a medical service and we do not offer, nor provide, any medical services. You should consult a licensed physician for all medical needs.


SleepGraph.Com allows you to keep your profile and your graphs 100% private, or you can also make your profile and graphs public so you can share them with your family, doctors and support groups. To see what a members public profile looks like you can see this members profile page.

SleepGraph.Com uses top-secret level AES-256 encryption for your personal information - what very little personal information that we gather.

SleepGraph.Com is not HIPAA or PSQIA certified. Because all personal information is encrypted using AES 256 or higher level encryption we actually exceed all current HIPAA/PSQIA compliancy - we are just not compliancy certified. Why not? Because there are no currently set international standards, so we would have to seek compliancy in every county of the world. Pretty insane, huh!

SleepGraph.Com is not RA508, ADA-TII, WCAG, WET, BS 8878, DDA, et cetera compliant and is not screen reader friendly. Why not? For the same reason as explained above.

Strange Colour For A Website

Yes, we know. The colour of the website is designed to be a light neutral colour pattern, which greatly assists those who are affected by the colour patterns of most websites.

Many people with circadian rhythm sleep disorders wear blue light spectrum blocking glasses. Those glasses tend to make most websites look, well, strange. The colour pattern we have chosen, a modification of the solarized colour pattern, is not only blue light spectrum friendly (meaning: it will look *better* for many people when wearing blue light spectrum blocking glasses), it is also as low-light intensive level as possible - especially beneficial for those using bright-screened smart phones.

Likewise, many people with circadian rhythm sleep disorders use the f.lux application on their computers and mobile phones. The colour pattern of our website is designed to blend very well for those who have f.lux (or the like) running on their computer/phone/tablets.

Amazingly enough, there is some serious science behind the colour pattern that SleepGraph.Com uses - it may not be pretty, but it is not designed to be.