Account registration at Sleep Graph is only required if you want to have an account to be able to track your sleep and other data.

Very secure!

SleepGraph has no idea who is who. Every bit of personal information that can be encrypted is encrypted. Your name, email address, any location information you provide, and all that stuff is secured/encrypted in such a way that even us here at SleepGraph have no way of knowing any of it.


SleepGraph.Com is a free website.


SleepGraph.Com is a web-based service and we have no plans to develop an application. Our website is extremely friendly for mobile browsers (safari, chrome, etc).

Below are two screenshots that show what the primary method for recording sleep/wake cycles looks like: (on an iphone 6 using google chrome)

Going To Sleep:

Waking Up:


SleepGraph.Com is not HIPPA or PSQIA certified. Because all personal information is encrypted using AES 256 or higher level encryption we actually exceed all current HIPPA/PSQIA compliancy - we are just not compliancy certified. Why not? Because there are no currently set international standards, and because we have users from countries around the world, we would have to seek compliancy in every county of the world where we have members from. Pretty insane, huh!

SleepGraph.Com is not RA508, ADA-TII, WCAG, WET, BS 8878, DDA, et cetera compliant and is not 100% screen reader friendly. Why not? For the same reason as explained above.


This is actually something we do manually, on a case-by-case situation. If you would like us to try, we are absolutely willing to try to import your existing information into your account here at SleepGraph. Just contact us with details of what software you use.


You can set your profile/graphs to be non-viewable (private) to anybody that might stumble upon your account here at SleepGraph.Com, however we also provide a special code that you can share with others that will allow them to be able to view your sleep graphs. This special code is unique to your account and should not be shared with anybody that you do not want viewing your sleep graph data. You can access this special code from your account page.