Pricing Information

At this point in time SleepGraph.Com is a free website to anybody who needs an online sleep journal.

We do not see a time anywhere in the near future when we would need to start charging for this website. If such a time were to ever arrive the costs would be kept to the lowest amount possible.

We do not have different levels of membership - everybody gets the same features as everybody else. If a new feature is added, everybody gets the new feature.

Want To Donate?

SleepGraph.Com is, as mentioned above, a free-to-use website and we plan on keeping it that way.

A few of our users have asked if they can donate, which is super appreciative.

The owner of SleepGraph.Com (@abela) has a personal PayPal account which can accept donations, just click the button below to send him a donation.

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Would you like to support us on a monthly basis via Patreon?

Our parent company, 4CM Network, has a Patreon page where you can become a Patron and support us by being a patron.